Fishermen Observe Floating Object

Fishermen Observe Floating Object

Date: June 8, 1947

Location: 20 Miles South Of Malta

Fishermen Pawlu Zammit and others on a boat 20 miles South of Malta were raising their nets with a catch of fish when they saw an object floating on the water's surface that looked like a black submarine.

The fishermen were frightened because they thought it looked more like a monster than a submarine, so they quickly pulled in their nets and started the boat's engine.

At that moment a bright light from the submarine lit up the whole area and little men began running over the deck of the object.

The fishermen couldn't make out much detail from their boat, but whenever the light illuminated the little men, they could see some sort of apparatus around their waist.

When Pawlu was asked how tall these men were, he replied that they were about the size of a 10 year old boy.

After a few minutes, the little men entered the submarine which began to glow so brightly that the fishermen couldn't see the object.

It then submerged.

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