Huge Metallic Disk Shaped Craft

Huge Metallic Disk Shaped Craft

Date: July 1, 1939

Location: Zahara De Los Atunes Cadiz, Spain

Several young children were resting in the shade under some large trees when some nearby goats became agitated and stampeded down a nearby hill.

Soon a huge metallic disk shaped craft flew low above the witnesses emitting a strong heat wave.

The craft descended and landed amidst a great cloud of dust on a nearby clearing, emitting a loud whistling sound as it touched the ground, the craft had a band of red, yellow and green lights around its edge.

A door opened & a tall figure clad in a silvery metallic outfit, with headgear and a wide belt emerged, quickly followed by a shorter similarly dressed figure.

They both walked in very stiff movements. Their silvery suit covered their faces and both had 2 black holes where the eyes should have been, both figures took out an object resembling a flashlight and walked 150' away from the object.

They eventually returned into the object, which ascended at tremendous speed.

Ground traces were said to have been found and were supposedly still visible in 1980.

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