Croatia Sighting

Croatia Sighting

Date: June, 8, 2006

Location: Zagreb, Croatia

I was playing soccer with my 9 year old kid on our terrace in Zagreb, my son stopped playing, looked into the sky and asked:

Daddy, whatís that?

Later he told me that he looked up because he heard strange buzz. I didnít hear anything.

This object was exactly above our heads and approaching vertically, almost like falling.

I cannot exactly say how close it was, because I have no idea about the size of this thing, but If I have to guess it would be 900' to 1500'.

After initial shock, maybe 10 or 15 seconds I ran into the room to grab the camera. It took maybe 15-30 seconds to find it and turn it on. By the time I got back on the terrace, object changed the direction and it was at least 2 km away. It was already difficult to find it through the camera screen. My camera has only 6x zoom, and I cannot remember if I used it or not.

Few seconds later there was no sense taking more photos, this was just small black dot in the sky going south very fast.

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