3 Objects Wanted To Be Seen

3 Objects Wanted To Be Seen

Date: June 1, 1970

Location: Zagreb, Croatia

I am not sure about year I saw them, I was pretty young, about 8 year old, today I am 43.

I am not sure how far from me they were, because they soar in front of me and my friends and many, many other people. It was summer time, clear sunny day.

Shape, standard circle with cupola and small windows without light. They soar, nothing more. Three vehicle.

How high I do not know, because I do not know how big they are.

Let's tell enough close for seeing details. Color dark grey olive with windows around ship, turned on.

They stay about half hour, and that is all. No one pick me or anybody up. No one of them care about us. They just stay there.

I feel terrible fear despite the fact that I didn't know anything about aliens. That kind of fear is not normal fear, it is paralyzing fear without rational reason. It is instinct fear.

Many years later, when I ask my mum and brother, they finaly reaffirmed the facts that we saw flying saucers. Nobody wants talk about it because of bussines and society career. Or they thought that it's craziness.

I am a witness, and now I have enough courage to tell the truth, because I am Bachelor in Science only because I see 3 alien ships 300' away from me in sunny day and clear sky, half hour, standing. No sound.

My theory: They are staying for one reason, they want to be seen.

First contact is our job. Send them frequencies for contact. And of course primative signs for talk.

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