Luminous Oval Over Yucaipa

Luminous Oval Over Yucaipa

Date: December 16, 1954

Location: Yucaipa, CA

The following is taken from notes of a sighting made by my now deceased father along with 3 other witnesses.

My notes are in parenthesis.

Unidentified object seen from Yucaipa, CA.

From approximately 4:50 p.m. until about 6:00 p.m.

It moved very slowly, taking approximately 8 minutes.

The objects arcs toward the ground, travelling East to West then rises to its previous altitude.

Apparent size of the object is about equal to a pencil eraser held at arm's length.

It moved swiftly, taking perhaps 30 seconds, object rises very sharply in altitude to a point just West of Polaris

Then it moved slowly, and remained there about one hour.

It hovered until apparently cut off by Earth's advancing shadow, object is shown just West of Polaris with very little movement.

At no point did it appear metallic or sharply defined, it was a bright yellow oval.

A similar or identical object was reported for the same day in Los Angeles newspapers a day or so later.

The object had appeared over Apple Valley and proceeded to the northwest where it hovered over Inyokern Air Base.

Jet interceptors had been unable to reach it, the news report said.

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