I Definitely Saw A UFO

I Definitely Saw A UFO

Date: June 15, 1955

Location: Youngstown, PA

I was about 3 or 4 years old, not yet started school, when I was up early in the morning with my mom and dad.

Dad was preparing to go to work and it was in the summertime.

I recall it being early in the morning, break of dawn, and walking outside with dad, giving him and hug, kiss, and waving as he drove off for work.

I was in the driveway on my red bike, along with my Cocker Spaniel named Pedro.

I looked up towards the North and saw a huge black blimp looking thing moving from East to West over our house and moving over the apple/cherry trees that we shared with a long distance cousin next door who we called Cousin Odell.

It was moving at a slow pace and as I stared at this huge black thing.

It slowed down and hovered over the orchard trees and just stayed there.

Pedro and I moved closer towards it and Pedro was barking at it when his tail tucked, ears went back and he ran up on the breezeway and sat down.

I was so intrigued by this gigantic balloon and I just stood there in awe.

I stared at it for the longest time.

I then heard a faint humming sound.

When it made this humming sound I saw these tiny red lights like dots around the belly of this balloon.

And because it hovered so long, and then made this humming noise, I dropped everything and ran into the house to tell my mom to come outside and see this big gigantic and huge black balloon.

She finally adhered as I grabbed her hand and led her outside.

Only to find that this gigantic balloon was gone.

I tried to explain the big balloon to her, that was it, nothing else.

Nor have I seen it again.

Whether my mom mentioned it to anyone else or whether other phenomenon was reported, I couldn't tell you.

I was very young at the time.

Although I looked for it incessantly until I was in my teens and thought nothing of it until one day, when I saw a report on TV about UFOs and saw a picture of what this person had seen, and wala.

There it was, exactly the same thing I saw.

It was shaped just like a huge gigantic black cigar.

It was black, kind of like the Goodyear blimp without the tail.

This object is still vivid in my mind today.

I wanted to share this with you because looking in retrospect, I definitely saw a UFO!

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