Saw A Zig-Zagging Star

Saw A Zig-Zagging Star

Date: July 15, 1955

Location: Yokota AFB, Fussa, Tama, Japan

At the age of 13, my Dad was stationed at Yokota AFB outside Tokyo, a group of us kids went camping in the foothills along the Tanagakawa river, which led to Tachikawa.

After supper one night a Majors son, Kenny, and I went out to a picnic bench which looked over the river.

It was a Moonless night and the stars were bright.

I was lying on the table top and Kenny was lying on the seat to the left of me.

We laid there looking at the stars talking.

My eye caught a star moving in a zig-zag pattern across the sky.

Being raised in the Air Force and my Dad a pilot, I knew aircraft very well.

And this was no ordinary flight pattern at that elevation and it was no helicopter.

So I got up on my elbows and in a loud voice to Kenny, Look at that.

As the light was coming at us at a great speed.

It got so bright that today I think I felt the heat.

This is the last thing I remembered.

Until we were standing at the end of the table and both of us said nothing.

Returning to camp and Jack and two other guys with us, asked where we had been.

We simply answered, up at the bench.

Only thing I can remember them saying was that they were just up there 15 minutes ago and did we go in town.

Kenny & I went straight to sleep.

The following morning no one could wake us until 8:00 a.m., when we both got up.

There was nothing said about last night, except they again asked us if we went to town.

I didn't understand why they would ask this nor Kenny, as we hadn't gone anywhere.

We let it drop.

Kenny & I remained friends for a year after that incident.

Years later I realized that Kenny and I never discussed that night.

Now that was unusual for 2 Air Force brats seeing something come out of the sky and not saying a thing to each other or our parents..

In the later 1980s I was on the road in Ohio and heard a talk show host talking to someone about abduction and it sure fit the experience that I went through.

I dismissed it at the time.

Months later I told my wife about what I heard a on the radio and told her of the event in Japan.

She is a well educated Dutch girl.

In bio-genetics we met in California.

We had been married 14 years at that time.

She said she had something to tell me.

While we were sleeping in our bedroom in California she was awaken by the presence of being, which describe to a T the greys, which is famous now.

She was told to go back to sleep and no harm will come.

This shook me, not only had she not told me, but what the Hell was going on..

So I went to a therapist in Omaha, who tried to hypnotized me.

I guess I was to scared and he couldn't.

I've tried to find Kenny, or Jack, no luck so far.

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