Like A Piece Of Round Bread

Like A Piece Of Round Bread

Date: 1937

Location: West Yaroslavl Province, Russia

A local villager named Parshin was sitting on a bench on the banks of the local river when he felt disoriented as if narcotized.

He seemed to fall asleep for a moment and in a dream like state, he saw several greenish men with an object standing behind them.

The object behind them was big, round like a piece of round bread.

The strange men invited him to follow them.

He felt no fear, apparently he was under the alien's influence, and they entered inside the craft.

He heard their thoughts in his head, as they demanded that he take his clothes off, he did as he was told.

The beings then shone a beam of light on his cloths in an apparent decontamination procedure and told him that he could dress again.

After that, he was shown a screen with holographic scenes of their home planet.

Parshin remembered that the planet did not seem to have many trees and had small animals remotely resembling horses.

After this demonstration, they told him:

We are here for the 5th time.

Every period we stay here for 5 years, those who are replacing us are coming and they are supposed to arrive in the year 1938, but they have apparently had some technical difficulty.

The aliens then said that they could not stay for too much longer since they were running out of provisions.

They requested that he cooperate with them and assist them in whatever possible.

Parshin never divulged their specific requests.

Before his death, Parshin confessed to his wife, Perepetuya that he had been supplying those beings with newspapers on a regular basis.

The purpose of the newspaper is not made clear.

The aliens also told Parshin that the flight time to their destination point took 2½ years Earth time one way and the same for the return time.

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