Bright Light Shifting From a Circular Light

Bright Light Shifting From a Circular Light

Date: October 15, 2013

Location: Yadkinville, NC

Myself, and 2 friends were on our way home from fishing in Boone, NC.

One of my friends noticed a bright light in the sky out of the rear of the vehicle. This would make the object somewhere southeast of our location. We were east of Interstate 77 on highway 421 in Yadkinville, NC.

I turned to look at the light and watched it as we drove for about a mile or so eastbound. It went from a dim light to a bright light. The light was circular. Then it became a straight white line measuring about 4 times the diameter of Venus in the night sky. It was about half the diameter of the full moon.

Then it turned back into a circular light. Then it moved across the sky from southwest of our location to South of our location. It seemed like it was just above the horizon and the actual craft may have been miles away.

We pulled our car to the side of the road off the exit and parked. Our driver got out and started watching as well.

Then a man pulled off the highway, thinking we were broken down and offered help. We told him to look. He told us he was a pilot and that it was way too bright to be a plane.

We continued to watch the light for about 3 more minutes as it shifted between the circular light and the saucer like line and then back again.

Then it vanished.

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