Yadkin County Lights

Yadkin County Lights

Date: February 16, 2011

Location: Yadkinville, NC

My husband and I saw bright lights in the western sky over Yadkin County, NC, low in the horizon.

At first, I thought the lights were a comet as I observed them through a tree line.

After clearing the tree line and getting a closer look in an open sky, it was clear this was not a comet.

The lights consisted of several circles, but not all appeared to be the same size. Some were larger than others.

We watched for approximately 10 minutes as the lights hovered, moving up and down, and left and right. When we went into the house to get a telescope, which took about 5 minutes, and when we came back outside, the lights were gone.

This was not a satellite, airplane or helicopter. None of these lights flashed repeatedly, or had any sort of routine beacon as we usually see with typical aircraft or satellites.

Neither of us have ever seen anything like it in the evening sky before!

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