Huge Fireball with Long Tail

Huge Fireball with Long Tail

Date: June 6, 1974

Location: Yadkinville, NC

A fireball, burning brightly orange with a tail of fire, shot across the road in front of me.

My husband was awakened as I slapped his chest with my hand as I was standing on the brakes trying to stop the car. The fireball came from the East and moved horizontal to the West. I was on hwy 21 going South and I watched it cross over I-77, clearing the tree line and one of the foothills that we have in our area.

The fireball was about the size of those blue plastic kiddy pools. The fire trail behind it looked to be about 8' long.

It appeared so fast but it took a bit longer to disappear because the viewing area was not blocked by objects.

I do not scare very easily, I am a retired nurse and I am trained to be observant, however this thing had me so upset that I sat in the middle of the road for several minutes before I could calm down enough to drive.

I honestly thought that it was going to hit us when I first got a glimpse of the fire from my peripheral vision. The fireball looked so close but it had to be several miles up or the heat of it would have started fires along its path, as it zipped by.

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