Frogmen Encounter

Frogmen Encounter

Date: January 3, 2021

Location: Wulagi, Northern Territory, Australia

This woman did not have a UFO to report, but rather wanted someone to talk to about strange incidents with her daughter, 4 years old, and the frogmen.

Julie T. is speaking on behalf of a friend called Axxx aged 40, who is unable to relay her story as she has a speech impediment.

Julie called mainly to report an unusual occurrence with her friend Axxx's daughter.

Rxxx is 4 years old and declared to her mother and friend last week that the frogmen came and visited her again.

When the adults asked her to explain the child said, the frogmen came through her window in a mist and saw her again.

They have big eyes and frog skin.

They poke her arms, legs and belly, she tries to wake her mother who sleeps in the bed with her, but she does not wake up.

The dog on the floor makes no sound or movement.

When questioned about this turn of events the mother said she heard noises, the bushes outside the window were rustling and the dog was unusually quiet, but that she was paralyzed and had no other recollection of events that night.

The women examined the area around the window and found a scorch mark on the lawn and foliage on the trees had been burnt.

Recently Axxx had a TB X-ray.

The doctor found a small white square, embedded in the tissue between her armpit and breast.

Although he thought this unusual and Axxx had no memory of trauma to this area, the doctor assured her it was nothing to worry about.

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