Wreckage Found On Dairy Farm

Wreckage Found On Dairy Farm

Date: June 30, 1948

Location: Jim Ridge, WV

My father recently recounted this story to me. My Dad is 86 years old.

Sometime in the year 1948, he can't recall the time of year, he awoke one morning and went to a field to work on his dairy farm. He arrived at a location on the farm known as Knob Field.

There he discovered a large amount of wreckage, metal which was flexible, what appeared to be plastic and other material unknown to my Dad. It was spred over an area about 50' x 50' in size.

Dad told several other neighbors and friends, but no one believed him and showed no interest.

He gathered the wreckage up and disposed of it in a ravine, where the family disposed of its trash.

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