Repeated Sightings Of Similar UFOs

Repeated Sightings Of Similar UFOs

Date: January 1, 1967

Location: Woy Woy, Central Coast region, New South Wales, Australia

Approximately 9:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., Saturday evening, coming from northerly aspect heading South, object descended behind mountain to where the local tip, garbage dump site.

This was one of many occassions when myself and family members and neighbors saw similar objects, always heading in the same direction, always landing at the same sight.

The variances were that:

On some occassions the craft would appear and travel at an extremely fast speed and then halt, but smoothly and descend slowly.

Some occassions the craft would drop, and the craft would be dark. On other occassions the craft would hover and eminate a bright light and land.

Some sightings lasted a matter of 10 seconds, others for several minutes.

The crafts were the shape of 2 saucers placed on top of each other, and were a mid grey/greenish color, a matt finish.

A dull yellowish light formed a tail when the crafts were travelling, however whenever the crafts hovered the yellowish light emited from beneath.

Our house was approximately 1 mile from the landing site, and from this distance, it looked as though the craft was 12' in diameter and 10' high and 40' round. The saucer had a spinning motion. I did not see any windows on any of the craft.

Why we"have believed these were UFOs, is because of the movement/action of the craft, the sudden take off, the hovering was not possible by helicopters, aeroplanes, falling stars or meteorites.

The craft always descended in the same area, we wondered whether they landed in the tip on the large, flattish surface, or whether they landed in the mountain.

Interestingly, we have later learned that there a series of markings in caves similar to heiroglyphs. And there are 2 other areas with similar markings and when plotted on a map, form the shape of a pyramid.

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