Terrifying Encounter With UFO

Terrifying Encounter With UFO

Date: 1970s

Location: Ellsworth Air Force Base, SD

In the 1970s, Mario Woods, a U.S. Air Force sergeant stationed at Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota, had a terrifying encounter with a UFO.

This particular incident unfolded something that would forever change Woods' perspective.

Along with his captain/team leader Michael Johnson, Woods witnessed a large luminous object floating above the ground, emitting a dazzling light.

Woods is considered a witness and experiencer of the events related to the this case.

The encounter described by Mario Woods is just one of the many reports studied by Lue Elizondo, a former Pentagon official who investigated UFO encounters.

Mario Woods had served in the U.S. Air Force until 1983 before joining the United States Department of Energy, USDOE, and working in nuclear industry production facilities.

He began his career as a security inspector at General Electric Neutron Device in Florida, responsible for ensuring the safety of nuclear materials.

Later, he was assigned as a personal guard to a scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, where advanced nuclear research took place.

Mario also worked at the Y-12 National Security Complex in Tennessee and the K-25 Gaseous Diffusion Facility, known for uranium enrichment during the Manhattan Project.

He held a Q Clearance as a lieutenant and security inspector.

In 1986, he left USDOE due to downsizing.

Sergeant Woods was a member of the Security Response Team stationed at Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota from 1975 to 1983.

In 1977, at around 10:45 p.m., Woods and his team received a serious alarm from the launch control officers, indicating a breach of the exterior alarm at a missile silo code-named November 5.

Acting swiftly, Woods informed his team leader, Michael Johnson, about the situation.

Shortly after, they were ordered to investigate the area surrounding a missile silo.

As they drove onto Highway 79, they immediately sensed that something was amiss.

The night sky was bathed in an eerie glow, signaling the presence of an unusual phenomenon.

The entire atmosphere around them became brilliantly illuminated, resembling the rising Sun.

Rounding a bend, they came face to face with an enormous object hovering just above the ground, about 5' to 10' high.

According to Woods, the object's size was astonishing, at least as large as a building.

Its perfectly circular shape suggested a gaseous composition, as fluttering materials adorned its surface.

The object appeared to emit a gaseous exterior, with colors swirling around it.

Rather than a conventional craft, it was a completely round sphere without discernible edges.

As they observed the UFO, Woods & Johnson experienced an overwhelming change in the atmosphere inside their truck.

The air became thick and difficult to breathe.

Mario noticed that Johnson was frightened and unresponsive while staring ahead.

Woods suspected that Johnson's behavior was related to the UFO they were witnessing.

Leaning forward, he grabbed a flashlight and directed its beam toward the interior of the vehicle, hoping to disrupt the strange phenomenon.

Strangely enough, Woods experienced an immediate reduction in the thick gas concentration surrounding them.

His breathing became easier as the tension dissipated, but the transition back to normality overwhelmed him, causing him to slump into his seat.

Soon after, Woods lost consciousness.

When Woods regained consciousness, he heard a radio transmission directed at their call sign, November 1, from Wing Security Control, WSC.

Woods was confused and realized that their truck had mysteriously relocated from November 5 to Newell Lake, a distance of about 5 to 7½ miles, with no memory of how they got there.

There were no tire tracks or signs of their journey, just their vehicle in the middle of the mud.

Woods & Johnson had seemingly lost several hours, a period of time they could not account for.

Seeking assistance, Woods contacted WSC and provided details about their surroundings.

In some time, a backup alert team arrived, and they were instructed to wait.

Woods attempted to communicate with Johnson, but his attempts were met with silence.

He eventually had to rely on another individual to help move him to the passenger seat.

Relieved of their weapons, Woods & Johnson were escorted by the backup alert team back to the main base.

They were taken to the wing commander's office, where Woods was questioned about the incident.

He described the massive size of the object and admitted that he had no knowledge of how they had been transported to their new location.

The wing commander then sent Woods to the base hospital for a medical examination.

The doctor at the hospital examined Woods thoroughly, including his eyes, ears, nose, and skin.

To his surprise, the doctor collected a skin sample, explaining that Woods had burns on his face and hand.

The skin sample was placed in a vial and stored on a silver tray.

2 weeks later, Woods was visited by Michael Johnson.

They discussed their experiences, and Johnson expressed fear over what had transpired.

However, that meeting was the last time Woods saw Johnson, and he has been unable to locate him since.

Woods describes a chilling encounter with tall beings that gazed at him during his abduction experience.

As he and Michael Johnson sat in a truck, they noticed a black sphere with vents bobbing in front of the windshield.

Mario recalls feeling a sense of something communicating with him, repeatedly urging him not to fear.

He then experienced tunnel vision and saw small beings approaching the vehicle, followed by a taller and more menacing figure behind them.

The smaller beings, about 4' to 4½' tall, wore gray uniforms, while the taller being had a darker gray uniform.

The taller being's appearance was different from the smaller ones, with a rugged and threatening face, higher cheekbones, and a thinner, protruding jawline.

Their arms were not directly at their sides but rather held in front of them, with 3 fingers and a thumb on their hands.

Contrary to popular depictions of reptilian beings, the taller entity did not have scales and had a light blue/gray skin tone, leaning towards teal color.

Despite being inside the truck with closed windows, Woods perceived a communication that felt like thoughts inside his eardrums, reassuring him not to fear.

He focused mainly on the eyes of the tall being and noticed the distinctive differences in facial features between the tall one & the smaller ones.

As the encounter progressed, Woods experienced a moment of passing out or losing consciousness, during which he had a profound introspective experience.

It felt as if he underwent a rapid life review, with memories and thoughts flooding his mind.

He mentioned contemplating his entire existence, including the loss of loved ones.

This intense experience deeply affected him and left him questioning everything.

When asked about the purpose or significance of this life review, Woods admits he does not have a clear answer.

He acknowledges that it was a surreal and overwhelming experience, suggesting that perhaps he was in the wrong place at the wrong time or vice versa.

The encounter did not end there.

Woods recollects being taken out of the truck and finding himself in a dark, cold, and unfamiliar environment, feeling isolated and filled with dread.

Overall, Woods' description portrays a vivid and unsettling encounter with extraterrestrial beings, leaving him with lasting memories and a profound sense of the unknown.

The experience raises questions about the motives and intentions of those beings, as well as the impact such encounters can have on people.

Woods testified to the Pentagon's UAP/UFO Program, AARO, of his UFO experience while he was deployed at the 44th Missile Security Squadron in 1977.

During his testimony to the Pentagon's UAP/UFO Program, Mario Woods discussed his UFO experience under oath.

He mentioned that the process was similar to having a conversation and that he was instructed about the security measures and what he could or could not disclose.

He was given the opportunity to discuss the entire incident and provide any relevant information.

Woods stated that the questioning was not significantly different from his conversation with the interviewer.

He answered specific questions and provided names associated with the incident.

He expressed his willingness to help in any way possible and cooperate with their requests.

Woods also mentioned that he found it amusing when Sean Kirkpatrick said during a briefing that there was no correlation between UFOs and nuclear weapons.

He challenged Kirkpatrick to sit down and discuss the matter, asserting that if he believed there was no connection, he was mistaken.

Woods emphasized that he stood by his own experiences and that UFO encounters had happened to people, including himself.

When asked about the duration of the AARO interview, Woods stated that it lasted for 4 hours and 19 minutes.

He clarified that Dr. Kirkpatrick was not the interviewer, but he could not disclose the identity of the interviewer due to the legal agreement.

Regarding the questions asked during the interview, Woods mentioned that he could not directly repeat them due to the nondisclosure agreement.

However, he noted that the questions were not significantly different from what had been discussed previously, and they did not change the nature of the incident.

Woods emphasized that the incident remained the same, regardless of who was asking the questions, and it would not alter the truth of what happened.

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