One Summer Night

One Summer Night

Date: July 10, 1958

Location: Woodland Hills, CA

One summer night in 1958. I was 10.

I was standing next to a big oak tree looking towards the San Franando valley.

I beleive it was to the North.

From the East came a very bright light. it stopped.

3 smaller lights dropped from underneath the big light.

1 by 1 these lights moved away at a medium rate of speed, all 3 went in 3 different directions.

1 went to the North, 1 went eastsoutheast, and the 3rd went to the South.

The whole event took less then a minute.

I ran in to the house to get my mom, we came back and waited to see what happened next.

Several minutes had elapsed, perhaps 7 or 8 the 3 smaller lights returned to the bigger light.

1 at a time they entered the light from below, the bigger light then rose slowly to the North and then it was gone.

I have never shared this encounter in a printed or any form of media.

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