Wood Green UFO

Wood Green UFO

Date: August 15, 1966

Location: Wood Green, North London, England

Peering out of his window at 2:00 a.m. on August 15th 1966, Keith Palmer delayed his visit to the bathroom as he noticed an object in the sky approaching his home in Wood Green, North London. He woke his wife just as the disk shaped object stopped and hovered over an old tree about 150 yards from his home. Unable to discern any markings due to the bright light emitted by the object it suddenly shot out two smaller disks. The disk aligned themselves on either side of the object and shone two conical shaped beams of pure white light down onto the ground below.

He leaned out of the window for a clear view. The lights went out and the smaller disks returned to the larger object. Both Palmer and his wife then heard a humming noise and became very concerned as the disk moved towards their house. It was now apparent that the object was not a disk but more pear shaped with revolving lights on the underside. The object went out of sight as it passed over their home.

Next morning Keith Palmer awoke with sunburn like rash on his face whilst his wife and son complained of a sore neck and headaches. It was also discovered that an elderberry bush had died close to the tree where the object hovered and that depressions were found in the ground and some of grass flattened in the vicinity.

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