Just Hanging in the Sky

Just Hanging in the Sky

Date: June 15, 1945

Location: West Monroe, LA

Arkansas Road, West Monroe, LA, siting as children playing close to the street which was very rural at the time.

Never heard much about UFOs, but this sighting frighted us at the time.

Old enough to know that there was nothing built at the time that could just stop and hang in air as a bright light thinking back and remember it very well. It seemed to be over the road and lower than the top of the trees in that area I cannot remember the cousins that were with me but recall about 3 of us. Do not know why reporting this now but It has never left my mind.

I am 79 years old and still see it like it was yesterday very vivid in my mind. I know it was a long time ago, and the others with me would not remember any of it. Just to let you know that it was real and just another sighting that cannot be explained.

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