While Snow Sledding At Night

While Snow Sledding At Night

Date: February 18, 1960

Location: Winston-Salem, NC

Charlie a friend of mine and myself were out behind our houses, sleigh riding.

We had just walked up to the top of the hill pulling the sled and Charlie said look Bill, what in the world is that?

I looked to where he was pointing.

The sky was very clear, with a Full Moon.

Going from North to the South was a cigar shaped object which had no wings, no high tail fin no tail fins, it was just shaped like a cigar.

There were 2 green lights on one side and a blue light on the other side.

Coming from the back of the cigar was a beam of white light that shone to the ground in a 45° angle.

What was so unusual about this light was that the beam was the same size all the way down, it would look like a laser beam, which we did not have at that time, and it was white.

This cigar shaped object, was completely silent.

We rushed into the house and called the TV station, the radio station and the Winston-Salem Journal and Sentinel newspaper offices.

The TV stations said that they had many reports and would air a report on it on the 11 o'clock news, the newspapers said that they would have a complete write up on it the next morning.

We were informed that commercial pilots had seen the same thing over the Mississippi River.

When the 11 o'clock news came on, there was no mention of it.

The next day in the newspaper, back in the back of the paper was a little tiny column saying that the Air Force had reports on it and it was the a piece of a rocket returning to Earth.

A few months later, the Air Force Blue Book said that they had made a mistake, that it was the tail of a comet.

Up until recently, I have looked towards the skies many a night since that time hoping to see another unidentifiable object, but never have since, I am still hoping to see another though.

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