It Was A Brief Encounter

It Was A Brief Encounter

Date: June 7, 1945

Location: Winston-Salem, NC

I always thought this sighting should be on an official list, now, 60 years later, it is.

If you are keeping records of post war sightings, here's one.

It was a brief encounter, that left a lasting impression.

The craft was silent, hovering, greyish metal and disk shaped.

As for the disk shape, picture a hat with a low rounded crown, where a hat band would normally be there was a row of windows.

There was a sense that someone was inside but it was not distinct.

My mother is the person who saw it.

She was waiting for the bus in the early morning, happened to look up, was stunned to see this thing hovering over the top of a flat roofed Sears & Roebuck building across the street.

She didn't want to take her eyes off it, but wanting someone else to see it, she turned to get their attention, in that instant of turning away, it was gone.

The location where this happened was very near the main part of town.

There was, if memory serves, a Union Carbine/Western Electric plant about a mile away.

Their business may have been defense work, not sure about that, but certainly not aircraft.

That was approximately 1945.

It remained a vivid memory until she died in 1983.

She drew sketches of it, and I grew up hearing the story many times.

She was not a hokus pokus sort by any means.

I refound this website from a connecting site today, which I had lost since it changed from it's original URL

It is good to know of a place to record such events.

Imagine how horrible it would be to have such an experience and have no one to tell who understood that these things do happen.

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