Humming Object With Domed Upper Portion

Humming Object With Domed Upper Portion

Date: July 1, 1960

Location: Windsor, Ontario, Canada

While visiting a cousin in the summer of 1960, 8 years of age at the time, now in my 50s.

We both noticed an unfamiliar object low in the clear sky over Windsor, Ontario, Canada while walking home from the corner store.

We were to young, or naive, at the time to be overly concerned.

We were excited at first, curious and playful as we watched it move.

But our child's perception kicked in as we playfully skipped from streetlight to streetlight.

And when dusk caused those streetlights to come on, we realized the object seemed to move with us, again, child's perception.

We then began to get frightened and ran from street light to streetlight until we got back to my Aunt's house.

At which point we immediately told my Aunt that we had seen something.

As we talked we all saw the object through the kitchen window.

We all watched it until my Aunt became nervous and closed the drapes, about 6 minutes.

I cannot recall which direction the kitchen window faced, but I believe it may have been southwest, as I remember my Aunt's back yard always having Sun in the afternoons.

She then got each of us a piece of paper and pencils/crayons, put us in different rooms, and told us, including herself, to draw what we had seen.

When she gathered us all back in the kitchen and compared our drawings they were all exactly alike.

My memory of the object isn't that clear these days, but I do remember the object having a domed upper portion, flat bottom, numerous lights of multiple colors circling the lower edge, that dimmed and brightened, but never went completely out.

The object also emitted an odd humming sound.

I'm not sure why I've chosen this time to finally report this incident, perhaps it is the sudden rash of UFO programming that has cycled back on to all the TV networks and book store shelves that has prompted me to take the chance of reporting it.

I am also very curious to find out if there were ever any other reports of this same object on or near that date in the southwest Ontario area.

I don't recall my cousin, my Aunt and I ever talking about the incident again.

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