Ghost Craft

Ghost Craft

December 8, 2017

Winchester, KY

At approximately 9:00 p.m., the witness and friends were driving home to Lexington from a concert in Nashville when they encountered a semitransparent hovering object.

We were driving approximately 90 miles from Nashville to Lexington, KY. No drugs and no alcohol at concert. We just crossed the Kentucky state line when we came across three vehicles stopped on the side of the road. Above the vehicles approximately 100' in front of them, a good 60' in the air, was a very prominent object hovering, with no visible lights, but visible to us.

It was transparent, but only enough to make you double take, transparent as Casper in the original film.

As we watched this, for a good minute, we tried to snap a photo, using a Note 8 and an iPhone, were unable to actually capture anything due to lighting and being on interstate at 4:00 a.m.

As we decided we were spooked enough, we decided to continue forward, along with another vehicle that was parked on the side.

As we approach the object, which hadnít made any movement besides the swaying of hovering, we heard this loud, harsh humming. And again, we just left a concert. We are deaf temporarily, so this noise had to be loud. It rumbled and just sucked in all. We didnít feel any effects from the encounter. We even stopped a few miles up the road at a gas station to verify what we did see.

The other car stopped with us to talk about the experience.

We lost sight driving away and never turned around.

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