3 Flying Saucers Appeared In The Sky

3 Flying Saucers Appeared In The Sky

Date: July 15, 1952

Location: Wilmington, CA

It was daylight, on a sunny day, blue sky.

Several people were outside our work building, taking a break.

I do not remember the exact time nor the exact date.

I only know that it was in the early 1950s.

After seeing Peter Jennings program recently, I realize that it was probably 1952.

3 saucers appeared in the sky in the distance, northwest of where we were.

They hovered there momentarily, then moved very suddenly, very quickly, toward us.

The movement was much faster than any airplane or other known object could move.

They stopped, in the near distance, and hovered briefly, then just disappeared.

They were shaped like disks with a rounded dome in the center, and they were white.

We could not believe what we saw.

We all decided they must be something the military was experimenting with.

Vandenberg Air Base is to the northwest of Wilmington, and we thought they must have come from there, but we also felt they could be genuine UFOs.

The incident has never been explained.

It just happened, and I saw it clearly.

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