Gigantic Incandescent Object Hovering Over Mall

Gigantic Incandescent Object Hovering Over Mall

Date: May 30, 1972

Location: Wilmington, DE

I was travelling up to Concord Mall on RTE 202 with two friends. We took the scenic route, RTE 92. I was 17 at the time. I remember we went around the last bend on 92 just before you get to RTE 202 and all these cars were just stopped along the curve, in their tracks. We stopped too.

We got out of the car and looked up to see this gigantic glowing object, just about where the mall would be, hovering over that spot. It looked like a huge cylinder, with a cone shaped end. It was glowing bright and incandescent. There seemed to be an electric humming sound, very faint.

That is all I remember. We didn't remember going to the mall. I don't remember talking to the other people who were stopped. I only remember driving home with my friends in silence. There seems to be a huge chunk of missing time during and after the event. I don't remember ever talking about it after that, except years later I did call one of the friends to ask if she remembered it. She did.

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