Cigar Shaped UFO In 1910

Cigar Shaped UFO In 1910

Date: June 1, 1910

Location:Wills Point, TXO

I'm relating this story for my grandmother who could not report it before her death just so that it may be noted.

She was a very practical woman, not given to flights of fancy so I know that it is true.

When I was a kid, she told all of us grandchildren many, many times about seeing a cigar shaped UFO when she was about 12 years old.

This would have been in 1910 because she was born in 1898.

This occurred in broad open daylight, in front of her house in the country, and it moved from West to East at a fairly brisk pace.

She said it was very large, gray in color, and that it had nothing below it or any sort of wings whatsoever, like a dirgible for instance.

It made no sound.

She told this story all of her life.

It made a big impression on her.

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