Willow Grove Close Encounter

Willow Grove Close Encounter

Date: February 15, 1963

Location: Moe, Victoria, Australia

Charles Brew bore witness to a classic close encounter. With his 20 year old son, Trevor, Brew was at work in the milking shed on their farm, near Moe, Victoria. It was light, but rain clouds lay overhead. Charles Brew was standing in an open area, with a full view of the eastern sky. It was from that direction that he saw a strange object appear and descend very slowly towards the milk shed. The objects approach was coincident with the cattle and a pony reacting violently. The two farm dogs fled. The UFO descended to a height of about 100', hovering over a stringy bark tree. It was about 25' in diameter and 10' high. The top section appeared to be a transparent dome of a glass like material, from which protruded a 6' high mast or aerial. The aerial appeared to be as thick as a broom and resembled bright chrome. The top portion of the disk itself was battleship grey in color and appeared to be metallic.

The base or underside section glowed with a pale blue color and had scoop like protuberances around the outside edge. This section rotated slowly at about one revolution per second. This spinning motion apparently caused the protuberances to generate a swishing noise, somewhat like a turbine noise, that was clearly audible not only to Brew but also to his son Trevor, who was located inside the shed near the operating diesel powered milking machine units.

Charles felt his eyes were drawn towards the object as though beams of magnetic current were between it and him. He also experienced a peculiar headache which came on with the approach of the object. After hovering for a few seconds the object began to climb, continuing on its westward course and passing up into the cloud deck again. Trevor did not see the UFO, but confirmed the unusual sound, like a didgeridoo or bull roarer aboriginal artifacts which can produce pulsating, wind rushing noise.

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