Mom Is Definitely Not A Believer, But...

Mom Is Definitely Not A Believer, But...

Date: June 30, 1930

Location: Willingboro, NJ

This isn't my encounter, it's my mother's when she was living in Willingboro with her family.

I dont know how old she was or how long ago this took place.

She is definitely not a believer but this is how she told me the story.

One night she was walking the family dog, Bruno, down some road, don't know which one, and in the middle of her walk Bruno stopped and looked up and growled and whined and had it's ears back like like someone was using really loud dog whistle.

Mom looked up and saw something really high in the sky that looked like a bunch of lights in a circle.

Forget how mom said the lights went away but they went after about a few seconds after she looked up.

Then Bruno tore out of there back towards the house.

It was very unusual for the him to not finish his walk.

She never told me if she saw it again.

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