Pre-Roswell Crash

Pre-Roswell Crash

Date: January 1, 1944

Location: Wilderness, WV

Prior to Roswell, U.S. fighter planes shot down an UFO in the wilderness mountains outside Washington, D.C.. West Virginia or Western Maryland mountains.

The fighter plane bullets made holes in the craft which was shaped as two saucers together but each hole slowly closed back up until there were so many hits the saucer wasn't able to recover. Parachute devices ejected. The saucer was lost in the clouds.

Crack crash teams left Bolling Air Base or Andrews Air Base. Civilian & military members found the remains.

A gigantic hole was found in the side of mountain near top with large trees sheered in half as craft plowed into top side of mountain. No survivors were found. No dead bodies were found. The craft exploded upon impact. Many of the thousands of pieces from the craft were field tested.

The exercise lasted 3 weeks in complete secrecy. All the craft pieces not taken away were buried in a large hole with dynamite.

All the men were ordered not to talk and could not bring any of the material back from the craft. The metal had many qualities such as being as light as aluminum foil etcetera.

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