It Wasn't A Lone Train Car

It Wasn't A Lone Train Car

Date: December 24, 1947

Location: Whitmore Lake, MI

On a 2 lane road between Ann Arbor and Whitmore Lake, MI, we noticed something above the tree tops, a short distance away to the right.

It appeared cigar shaped with lighted windows along it's length.

My husband, an Air Force aerial photographer, and I discussed it as though it was not unusual because we felt it must be a distorted railroad car, reflected in the moonlight by the deep snow.

We were young and did not rationalize a lighted train car would not be alone but with other cars and would not be cigar shaped.

It seemed stationary in the sky and we watched it for 20 minutes until we reached our destination, then forgot about it.

It was years before I thought of it again.

Only after seeing several unusual things in the sky near Port Angeles and Olympia Washington, plus hearing other stories did I think of that night.

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