Blue Book Unknown

Blue Book Unknown

Date: June 14, 1949

Location: White Sands, NM

Not listed among the original Blue Book Unknowns, this case is listed in the Comprehensive Catalog of Project Blue Book Unknowns.

The date must have been the 14th, rather than the 10th as previously thought.

There was a report in the Los Angeles Times that there was film taken, but AFOSI was told the film showed nothing.

The White Sands Missile Range launch records show the only Navy missile launches in the period were the Viking 1 on May 3rd & Viking 2 on Sept 6, 1949, and nothing in June 1949.

There was however an Army V-2 launched on June 14, 1949.

A search of the Blue Book microfilm records turned up the correct date and the fact that it was a V-2 rocket.

The film may have showed something but there is no evidence to support it as yet.

Note: Blossom IVB Ionosphere-solar/Biological mission Launch Vehicle: V-2. V-2 47 Apogee: 83 mi)es, launched 3:35 p.m.

Reached 83 miles, carried cosmic and solar radiation, temperature, pressure, ionosphere, photo experiments for Air Research and Development Command.

Second V-2 flight carrying a live Air Force Aero Medical Laboratory monkey, Albert II.

Albert II survived but died on impact.

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