Whirling Sound Above Us

Whirling Sound Above Us

Date: February 23, 1975

Location: Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

Sometime in 1975 when I was 11 years old, my brother and I were camping in the backyard of my Uncles house and were up early in the morning as we were excited about going fishing that morning with my Uncle.

It was near Ballarat in Victoria, Australia, which at that time was a fairly rural countryside area. It was about 5:00 a.m. and it was still very dark, there was no moon and there were no clouds, the night sky was very clear as I remember, my brother who was 10 at the time, said something like he:

Saw a black star moving in the sky.

I looked for it but didn't see anything.

We moved around to the front of the house to have another look and then we heard what sounded like a fairly close whirling sound above us, but we could see nothing above us, we saw open stars directly above our heads.

The sound continued directly above us for a bit and then it started to move away from us at a fairly slow speed, the sound did not zoom off, almost as soon as the sound had disappeared in the distance then what looked like a small shower of sparks rained down above our heads for a few seconds, like shooting stars but as I remember it, the sparks seemed to be shooting down and ending only a few feet above our heads.

I don't remember telling anyone, I don't remember talking to my brother about it, I don't remember what we did directly after this. In fact I completely forgot about this event for about 17 years. I only remembered years later when I was 28. A friend had lent me a book that mentioned a black helicopter.

When I read that phrase the memory came back, at first I thought it might be some kind of confused childhood memory.

I live in the United States and my brother lives in Australia so we don't see each other or talk much, but when I saw him about 5 years ago, I asked him simply:

Did he remember anything about that trip to our Uncles?

He immediately repeated what I have reported above.

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