Translucent Object Seen

Translucent Object Seen

Date: October 26, 1967

Location: Moigns Down, Weymouth, Dorest, England

54 year old Mr. Angus Brooks, a former BOAC administrator for its Comet fleet, of Owermoigne was walking on Moigns Down at 11:25 a.m. near Holworth close to the Dorset coast a mile South of Owermoigne on the A354 with his 2 dogs in a force 8 gale and took shelter in a hollow.

Angus then saw a circular translucent craft with a girder to the front and 3 girders pointing to the rear. The girders rearranged to form a cross shape around the central 25' diameter disk and then began to spin.

22 minutes later, the girders went back to their original position and the craft sped off in a northeast direction.

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