Saucer With Lights Around The Rim

Saucer With Lights Around The Rim

Date: November 2, 1960

Location: Westbury, NY

Father, Mother & son in car stopped in middle of street to see a saucer with lights around the rim hovering above their house.

Driving home on election night in Long Island, NY, 1960 my father spotted something as we turn into our neighborhood.

He raced to our house, above it was a saucer shaped object with lights blinking different colors around the rim, about 45' up.

Hovering for about a minute without any sound, it then move across the street for a few seconds and sped off.

My father & mother and I would love to know what we saw that day just before dark.

My father says he saw windows as if there was a room inside.

This was a close encounter.

He also had been telling us that he saw one in the distance while driving in Queens, NY around 1957.

He aligned the object with a pole as it was still, and then it shot off in super speed.

Of course my mother would always scoff when he told that story until we all witnessed this one.

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