It Was Much Too Close & Slow For An Aeroplane

It Was Much Too Close & Slow For An Aeroplane

Date: August 10, 1961

Location: Wendens Ambo, Essex, England

Seen by my mother & myself in the county of Essex.

It moved from East to West quite low on the horizon.

The time/speed it took to cross our vision, which was limited by trees on both sides of the lane where we were walking, was slow but at the same time made me feel it was moving very very fast.

It was much too close & too slow for an aeroplane which I was used to seeing as there were many airbases in that area.

The color was milky with a tail which remained the same size all the time.

Although some years ago now I can still picture it and especialy remember the strange sensation of very fast movement which was out of context with the time it took to move across the sky.

Some years later I spoke to a neighbor who told me she had also seen something round about the same time and date.

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