Vanishing Silver Ship

Vanishing Silver Ship

Date: 1979

Location: Wenatchee, WA

From his front step in Wenatchee, WA, a man watched a silver triangular aircraft with no discernible fuselage, no wings or other protruding control devices coast slowly over the tops of 150' tall poplar trees.

A jet liner could not have stayed airborne at such a sedate rate of speed, and this was significantly larger than a Boeing 747, he recalled.

There wasn't much time to wonder about the physics that kept the craft in flight, because it was drifting straight toward Burch Mountain.

My immediate thought was that a monstrous crash was imminent, but it never came to pass, instead, the UFO just disappeared.

NUFORC actually vouched for this particular onlooker.

One of 2 excellent reports from the same witness, they wrote in a note below his report.

We know this witness, and have spoken with him on several occasions.

He formerly served in the U.S. military, and held a high security clearance.

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