Regular Sunday Night Event

Regular Sunday Night Event

Date: June 15,1960

Location: Wenatchee, WA

People would come to this spot to watch every Sunday night.

5 dots would appear high in the sky, they moved across the sky in formation.

Then they would disappear one at a time as they moved slowly across the sky.

Soon the very last one would disappear.

Then every one would pick up their folding chairs and go home.

It looked like they were approximately 50,000' dots.

You could hardly see them, they kept a tight formation as they moved.

The neighbors had been watching this show for years.

They were told by the local authorities that they were not to keep calling them.

The Air Force told them that they were not call them because the dots did not exist.

I was was visiting family at the time and this took place on their property.

I have never heard a story like mine in all these years, I actually saw these things.

I have been waiting for someone to describe such a sighting.

People talk about ships, greys & lights.

But no one ever describes what I saw, I have never seen close up space ships or saucers.

However, I did in fact see these points travel across the sky.

My Uncle said that it would happen every Sunday night and every one would come to see them.

This is first time I have mentioned it because I wanted to see if anyone would ever say anything like it.

I doubt that anyone ever has.

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