Silver Colored Shiny Disk Shaped Object

Silver Colored Shiny Disk Shaped Object

Date: June 15, 1953

Location: Wenatchee, WA

I am unsure of the date, I put in the date as a guesstimate for this reason.

I do know it was early summer in the early 1950s.

I was about 10 years old at the time.

I was outside on the front lawn of our home below the foothills in western Wenatchee, Washington.

My mother was doing yard work and both of my sisters, one younger/one older, were outside as well.

We looked up and saw a shiny, silver colored saucer shaped object zoom across the sky at a high speed, southeast to northwest.

It was clearly visible.

It must have been fairly close or large, hard to estimate now.

I remember that we all stopped and watched it.

One of us asked my mother:

What is that?

She responded:

Oh, that must be one of those flying saucers we've been hearing so much about.

A few seconds after the object disappeared over the horizon, a jet plane zoomed over in the same direction.

That's it, it's a very clear memory for me and my sisters.

Our mother passed in 1962.

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