Close Encounter In Wayne, New Jersey

Close Encounter In Wayne, New Jersey

Date: August 12, 1961

Location: Wayne, NJ

I decided to go for a walk At 10:30 p.m. around August 12, 1961. It was a clear night, not a single cloud. I was on my second lap around the ball field when the entire ball field lit up like a Christmas tree. I tilted my head to see what it was. The object hovered over for about 30-45 seconds. It was about 40' - 50' above me. I noticed the object to be round in shape with one major beam shooting out of the bottom of the aircraft. The beam was so bright it blinded me for a couple of seconds. After studying the aircraft my eyes were focused to the west. Looking out over the trees I noticed there were three more aircraft waiting for the one above me to leave. These three ships all had red lights on the tops of their aircrafts.

Moments later when the object above decided to leave, the other three left with the other one. These four objects left with such an incredible speed. They were out of sight before I could even blink an eye. The only noise the object made when it left was a very slight hum. You could barely hear it. the other three made absolutely no noise at all. Incredible speeds,

I had never witnessed anything like that before. There was nobody else in the ball field at that time. The spaceship made the area so bright I figured it would be on the news or even in the newspaper. No such luck. Nothing. Why was I the only one to see this object? Why was it hovering so close to me? Why wasn't I abducted?

I have thought about that night for the past 53 years. What did they want? I think quite often about the speed that they all traveled and how quiet they all were blew my mind. I wasn't scared at all, just very curious. 53 years later the only thing that has changed is my curiosity. It's about ten times greater now. It was truly an amazing evening.

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