Wayne City Car Chase

Wayne City Car Chase

Date: August 4, 1963

Location: Wayne City, IL

Ronnie Austin & Phyllis Bruce while driving East, noticed a bright white round object to the southwest about 20° elevation then South then North which followed them for several miles.

When Austin dropped off Phyllis at home it was to the East about 500' away and her sister Forestine also saw the object with them.

After about 15 minutes Austin attempted to leave for home but the object followed him.

At one point as he headed East, it came over his car at about 100', changed color to orange and appeared car sized, hovered above his car while the car radio had whining noise static and car engine sputtered.

Then made a pass from behind West to East.

On arriving home, the object was about 900' to the eastsouyheast and other family members also saw it, Mr. & Mrs. Orville Austin, sister Roxie and a brother.

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