3 Daytime Saucers Hovering

3 Daytime Saucers Hovering

Date: June 1, 1960

Location: Watervliet, MI

In early June, 1960, my family and the neighbor's family saw 3 saucers in full daylight.

They were in an East/West line, hovering somewhere in the vicinity of the town, we were 1 mile North of town.

As best as I can remember they appeared about the size of a silver dollar at arms length.

They were clearly visible, there was absolutely no mistaking what we saw.

We could see white lights revolving around the lower part of the upper section of the craft, just above where the larger bottom part began.

They hovered for 4 or 5 minutes, then the one on the East flew very, very fast to the South.

Both the other craft got in line behind it and in just about 3 or 4 seconds they were totally gone from the horizon.

My Dad never reported it because we didn't have pictures and he figured no one would believe us back then.

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