Maybe It Was An Airplane?

Maybe It Was An Airplane?

Date: September 21

Location: Waterbury, CT

It was the sound that brought my husband & I outside.

We looked to the sky and toward the dump/landfill, and there appeared to be an airplane in the sky, but the sound was too loud for where the object was.

It sounded as if it was directly over our home, but it was a few miles away.

The difference between the object and an actual plane was that the lights blinked quicker and never turned off.

The sound went in and out, like really loud, and then lowered until there was no sound, additionally, the sound worked in tandem with the lights.

As the lights brightened, the sound grew louder, and as the lights dimmed, the sound grew quieter.

The object moved from left to right in the sky and moved in a linear motion.

I was never able to see the craft itself, I only saw the lights.

Finally, once the noise ceased and the lights were no longer visible, I couldn’t see the object anymore, but there was an easily identifiable airplane to the direct left of where I was standing.

The sound never came back, and I couldn’t see the object in the sky again.

While my husband is skeptical that it was a UFO, he agrees it was an unusual experience.

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