Was it Ball Lightning?

Was it Ball Lightning?

I don't know if it was ball lightning or not, it just fits the basic characteristics of what other people describe of it.

Especially the whole absorbing itself into an electronic device.

The lamp it flew into though didn't break afterward like I hear with a lot of descriptions of them attacking electronics. Also there were no thunderstorms going on and it wasn't hot outside like is usually attributed to most of the sightings.

No one even knows what ball lightning is. Ball lightning is a generic term at this point for floating light phenomenon that can last for more than a few seconds up to tens of minutes at a time. There's no way to test it to know what it is. We can't even recreate the phenomenon in a lab. Scientific community didn't even acknowledge it existence till like 2009.

If ball lightning is strictly a natural electromagnetic phenomenon, since we don't know what will o wisps are either, they could totally be another form of ball lighting as well.

Although I'm doubtful that ball lightning is strictly an electromagnetic phenomenon seeing as how it can go through walls without burning them, move around corners, people, objects, even metallic or magnetic conductors and not be pulled toward them, and causing no damage when it touches or moves through different objects, but then suddenly it'll burn some idiot that decides it's a puppy and wants to pet it, or just decide to go blow up the TV, or other ones that will suddenly become 6' wide go in a church and kill 4 people.

Also the ball of light I saw had solid black ribbons that reflected zero light, not even the light coming from the ball, and gold ribbons that looked like silk coming out of the back of it going into the corner of the ceiling. Where I imagine it came into the room from. The ball of light looked like some kind of plasma phenomenon, but those ribbons didn't look like they were made of plasma at all, they looked like solid material made from fabric.

I've looked for a very long time and can't find anyone else that describes ball lightning with that extra characteristic.

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