Wart Humanoid Encounter

Wart Humanoid Encounter

Date: March 1, 2011

Location: Etna, Sicily, Italy

A family from the nearby commune of Mascalucia reportedly encountered a Wart humanoid on the slopes of the mountain.

The family, which consisted of the father, mother and a young child, had gone to the area for a picnic.

While picnicking in a field near their vehicle the boy had gone to the car to bring same utensils.

Moments later, the boy came running back in a state of terrified shock and unable to speak.

Looking up, the father was stunned to see a huge man like figure moving away from the area in the direction of the a nearby ridge.

Terrified, the family ran to their vehicle and drove away from the area at high speed.

Unfortunately there is no specific description of the humanoid.

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