UFO Descends, Then Sped Away

UFO Descends, Then Sped Away

Date: January 8, 1959

Location: Walworth, WI

Gordon Higgins, a draftsman who has had two years USAF experience as control tower operator and flight controller, watched a UFO descend and then speed away horizontally. The object glowed bright white, before changing to orange as it sped away, leaving a trail of sparks.

While traveling east at 5:15 p.m. the object was sighted at position No. 1, See Diagram. As it started to descend slowly the automobile was brought to a stop to get a better view.

It took approximately 15 seconds for the object to reach position No. 2.

It still glowed a bright white as in position No. 1.

Then it shot off at tremendous speed leaving a trail of sparks, changing from the original brilliant white, to orange, and seemed to either go out of sight, disappear, or disintegrate.

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