They Left Footprints

They Left Footprints

Date: June 15, 1957

Location: Walled Lake, MI

The glowing object was there one second and in a flash vanished.

I have wanted to tell my story since I was a boy, I was 11 years old and asleep.

I woke up with vibrations in my body and a strong desire to look out my bedroom window.

It was a high window and I had to stand on my bed which was below it to see out.

We had 80 acres of flat land in back to look out on.

In the very back was a bright cigar shaped object that I some how knew was an alien ship.

I called it a flying saucer as that was the only term I knew that would fit.

I ran into my parents bedroom and woke them up.

I told my dad there was a flying saucer in the back yard, he told me to go back to sleep.

I said no it's real. Look.

He did and he saw it.

He called Soufidge Field, Spelling is probably wrong but I'm sure it's still there, the military airbase in the Detroit area.

And asked them if they had picked something up on their radar.

When they asked why, he told them we had a flying saucer in our backyard.

They took his name and address and told him to go back to bed.

Right, we loaded the shot guns and rifles.

The lights went out on the craft and it was dark in the back 80.

A few minutes later we heard footsteps on the porch and a knock at the door.

I opened the door and my father and older brother put the shotguns to the opening door.

The door opened and a cop was standing there staring down the barrels of 2 shotguns.

He asked what was going on, we told him.

He said come outside and show him where.

We stepped into the front yard and pointed back to the area where we saw the ship.

He was taking notes on his clipboard and mocking us when the lights went back on on the ship.

It rose silently in the air about 100' or so, hovered a second or 2 and then rose quickly 15' and then vanished in an instant.

We all stood there in silence for a few seconds.

The cop went over to his patrol car and radioed in what he saw.

They told him to go back and investigate.

He said, not me, you're not going to find my shoes in the morning.

He left, and that was that until the morning.

Around 11:00 a.m. the men in black arrived. CIA, FBI, Air Force, I don't know, but 3 cars pulled into the yard and my sister and I escorted the men to the back where we saw the craft.

The men weren't wearing black suits, but were wearing blue suits.

There were 4 men in suits, and 2 dressed in lab type suits carrying Geiger counters.

They found areas where they said they thought the tripods landed as the weeds were laid flat.

My father was at work, and my mother stayed in the house with my 3 younger brothers.

My older brother was also gone somewhere at the time.

The weeds in this area were tall, about 3' tall, and now were flat.

They took measurements.

I don't remember the Geiger counters going off.

That was the last we saw of the men in blue.

I had the same feeling of vibrations in my stomach a few years later when as a 17 year old, I was attending Interlochen Music Camp in Interlochen, Michigan.

I told no one, but didn't sleep well that night in the cabin.

The next morning in the breakfast line, I over heard 2 of the counselors talking about the flying saucers they had seen last night.

They both said they saw a group of 4 flying saucers flying in slow formation over the camp.

It verified the feeling in my stomach and I worried that the aliens were after me.

I don't think they were, but at the time I was concerned.

Oh, also, one winter we had a huge snow storm.

I was 14 years old at the time, in the winter of 1960, and the snow was deep.

I had the same feelings in my stomach and was afraid to move.

I felt the aliens wanted to talk to me, or have me come outside.

I did nothing but lay in bed praying.

In the morning, the blowing snow from that night had stopped and had packed itself on my bedroom window in a thin layer.

A pair of tiny bootprints could be seen on my bedroom window where a small alien had walked across my long window.

I thought one of my brothers did that somehow, and so I went outside to see whose footprints I'd find in the virgin snow.

There were no prints anywhere.

I was the first one to venture out in the new snow fall.

There were no prints anywhere in the snow, not even below my window.

The only fresh prints were on the side of the house and across my bedroom window.

I knew they had been there.

I can still see the prints in my mind.

They were small, about the size of a lady's hand, shaped like a boot, and had ridges across the bottom.

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