It Certainly Was Not An Aeroplane

It Certainly Was Not An Aeroplane

Date: June 12, 1918

Location: Wadi Dhahal, Syria

This is taken from Sir Alec Kirkbride's book, An Awakening - the Arab campaign 1917-1918.

It is therefore dated to June 12, 1918, not 2018.

I am posting it here because I don't believe it has been reported before.

The text reads as follows:

On the night of 12th June, 1918, we climbed up the Wadi Dhahal for the last time.

At about 3:00 a.m. I was aroused from a walking doze by seeing a large incandescent globe which passed quite slowly across the sky.

It moved without noise, coming from behind one range of hills and going behind another, but it illuminated the valley in which we stood for about half a minute.

In reply to my Good God, what was that?

One of the camel minders answered:

That was an aeroplane of course.

What did you think it was?

He was wrong, it was not an aeroplane.

Most British people to whom I afterwards described the experience either produced silly explanations or assured me that no such thing existed.

Many years later, in Jordan, Glubb told me that he had seen the same phenomenon in the desert on the Iraq-Kuwait frontier.

He had also been told that there was no such thing.

I live in France.

Your witness contact information does't appear to allow for details from non U.S. residents.

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