UFO At Vo-Tech Center

UFO At Vo-Tech Center

Date: February 2, 1980

Location: Georgetown, DE

While on patrol making my exterior checks at the Vo-Tech Center where I worked as a security guard I noticed a craft flying over the center moving north very slowly. I knew the Georgetown Airport was closeby but this was no ordinary aircraft.

I recall it was triangular, silent and appeared to hover over the back of the school. It emitted a white and red light over and over again.

I put my spotlight on it and other lights would appear. I observed and exchanged lights with it on and off for about 20 minutes, as if we were communicating somehow. At this time the object broke apart or separated, and landed behind the school.

I then called the Delaware State Police and reported the incident. They combed the area by car and helicopter, but nothing was found.

My decription was confirmed by the pastor of the Millsboro St. Mark's church who was en route to a friend's home in Georgetown with his wife. He kidded his wife that it might be a UFO.

This sighting was followed by numerous other UFO reports in Smyrna, Milford, Slaughter Beach & Felton Delaware and the drew the attention of a National Enquirer reporter.

Officials said the sighting was probably caused by unusual atmospheric conditions, but I know that I had a special encounter that I will never forget.

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