Russian UFO Landing & Aliens

Russian UFO Landing & Aliens

Date: September 27, 1989

Location: Voronezh, Voronezh Oblast, Russia

Allegedly occurring in the city of Voronezh, this account was actually carried in America by the St. Louis Dispatch, on October 11, 1989. Its original source was the Russian newspaper TASS. The case begins with the testimony of several children who claimed to see a 3 eyed alien, who was guarded by a robot.

The children along with some adults, watched a UFO land on the outskirts of the city of Voronezh, population 800,000 about 300 miles southwest from Moscow.

Soon, a tall alien being emerged from the ship, and shot a beam at a young boy. The young boy supposedly vanished.

The alien himself then disappeared into the ship. The children made various drawings of the aliens and their ship which were published in the newspaper.

Witness said that slim, 3 eyed extraterrestrials landed in a local park and gone for a walk.

It kind of seems like a fantastic report by the official press agency TASS but according to them, it was absolutely true.

Statements from Lieutenant Sergei A. Matveyev of the Voronezh district police station, said that he saw the landing of the UFO on September 27, 1989 as It was not an optical illusion.

But again Matveyev said that he had not actually witnessed the aliens, but said he saw the spaceship and it was certainly a body flying in the sky, moving noiselessly at a very high speed and very low altitude.

Matveyev said, he was a little skeptical himself when he first saw the object.

I thought I must be really tired, but I rubbed my eyes and it didn't go away. Then I figured, in this day and age, that anything is possible, he said.

The witnesses of these aliens were children. According to the newspaper Sovetskaya Kultura, 2 boys and a girl named Vasya Surin, Zhenya Blinov and Yuliya Sholokhova, were playing in a park when about 6:30 p.m., they saw a pink shining in the sky and then spotted a ball of deep red color about 30' in diameter. As they watched they saw a hatch opening in the lower part of the ball and a extraterrestrial in the opening. about 6' tall, dressed in silvery overalls and bronze boots and with a disk on its chest. Then it came out for a walk with a robot companion.

These extraterrestrials communicate by means of a shining triangle, and activated the robot by touching it.

One of the kids started screaming, but with a stare of the alien's shining eyes, the boy was silenced and paralyzed. They said that one of the extraterrestrials had something that looked like a tube like gun holstered on his side that was about 2' long.

Vladimir A. Moiseyev, a director of the regional health department said none of the witnesses had wanted medical help. He also said that they would examine the children.

They separated the children and asked them to draw what they saw. All 3 drew a banana shaped object that left behind in the sky the sign of the letter X.

The details of the case originated with Genrikh Silanov, head of the Voronezh Geophysical Laboratory, who related his findings to TASS. Silanov says that the newspaper took creative license with his report.

The Russian newspaper stated that Russian scientists had confirmed the landing of an alien spaceship. This ship was flown by giant aliens who had small, beady eyes.

Their spaceship was a large ball shaped object.

According to the TASS report, 3 of these giant alien beings emerged from the craft, and strolled through a nearby park. The frightening robot never left their side.

Members of a crowd that had gathered near the craft stated that they had seen a 3 eyed alien about 10' tall, clad in silvery overalls and bronze colored boots and wearing a disk on his chest.

It is quite certain that the reports of the Vononezh aliens were highly sensationalized, and it is probable that the event did not even happen in the first place. Until more corroborative eyewitness testimony is received, this case will remain in the folklore category.

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