Bright Light Illuminated The Area

Bright Light Illuminated The Area

Date: Spring 1930

Location: Near Villazon Bolivia

A local shepherd was out collecting his animals on a cold night when a bright light illuminated the area around him.

His dog, apparently frightened ran to his side.

The shepherd then hid behind some trees and watched as a brilliant object descended over the area.

He watched as the different animals, sheep, donkeys, ran in terror in different directions.

The light began to dim and 60' away from his position he was able to see 4 human like figures that were moving over the fields at vertiginous speed.

The figures made huge leaps that seemed to make them float in mid air.

The figures were human like, but smaller than a normal human. No other features could be distinguished.

Then the light vanished along with the figures.

After the incidents the witness developed apparent psychic powers and was able to predict future events, he also became a very well known local healer.

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