Stories/Sightings From Vietnam

Stories/Sightings From Vietnam

Central Highlands - 2 Đồng Nai Province - 1 Khanh Hoa Province - 0 South Central Coast - 5 South East - 2 Mekong River Delta - 2 Nation Wide/DMZ - 17

Central Highlands - 2 Entries

Ðông Hà Combat Base

Watched Object Move Zig Zag Across Sky


Đồng Nai Province - 1 Entries

Camouflaged UFO


Khanh Hoa Province - 0 Entries


South Central Coast - 5 Entries

2 Separate Events

Navy Fighter Jets Reported That Objects Had Blown Their Doors Off

Saucer & Dome Observed

UFOs During The Vietnam War

While On Perimeter Guard Duty


South East - 2 Entries

Nha Trang Sighting

Saw UFO When In Vietnam, No Doubt About It


Mekong River Delta - 2 Entries

Patrol Boat Attack

Striking Of The HMAS Hobart


Nation Wide/DMZ - 17 Entries

All Onboard Aircraft Observe UFO

Bright Luminous Object Observed

Cao Bang Hydroelectric Project

Enemy Helicopters

Object With Bright Light Bounced Up & Down

Lights In The Nam

Lone-Jon Island

Marine Observes Objects Following Jet Aircraft

Patrol Boat PCF-12 Destroyed

Pete Mazzola's Sighting

Strange Craft Seen From Fantail of Ship

Submerged Light Under Aircraft Carrier

UFO In Vietnam

UFO Had Capabilities Way Beyond Anthing We Have

Unseen Craft Overhead

Viet Cong Attacked

What Was UFO Over Hanoi?

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